Gamefish World Cup Rules 

  1. Fishing will be with rod and reel only for Dorado, Sailfish ( Atlantic or Pacific ) and Marlin ( Black or Blue )
  2. Fishing will be according to the rules and standards of the IGFA, by entering participants agree to abide strictly by IGFA rules
  3. Maximum tackle will be 130lb 
  4. Heaviest fish in each category  ( Dorado, Sailfish Marlin ) wins on winner takes all basis.
  5. Minimum weights per fish category, Dorado  8kg ( 18 lbs ), Sailfish, 15kgs (33 lbs ), Black and Blue Marlin 125kg ( 275lbs ). No billfish weighing less than the aforesaid weights may be boated.
  6. Entrants are free to enter one or all of the fish categories
  7. Payment, Entry, and acceptance of entry, by the organisers, is open up to 22h00 US Eastern Daylight time on the 9 April 2020 for fishing in Leg 1 and 21 May 2020 for Leg 2. Entrants who enter and pay for Leg 1 get to fish both Leg 1 & Leg 2. Entrants are free to fish both legs, but only the heaviest fish will count in each category for the combined 2 leg tournament 
  8. In the sole discretion of the Gamefish World Cup LLC, entry may be revoked or an entrant may be disqualified, should in the sole opinion of the organizer, due to an entrant breaking the rule or not acting in the spirit of fair play participate or endeavor to participate in the tournament. By entering and payment of entry fees each participant accepts unequivocally the rules and the decision by the Gamefish World Cup LLC committee taken regarding any and all of the affairs regarding the tournament. Any entrant being disqualified or entry revoked will forfeit his/her entry fee, without an option for a refund
  9. One cash prize based on winner take all in each fish category will be paid out at a rate of 80% of the entry fees per category.
  10. No fish caught from a registered commercial fishing vessel will be accepted excluding registered recreational charter boats.
  11. Lines in for Leg 1 is at 7h30 on the 11 April fished only to sunset in each of 4 announced time zones around the world. Lines in at 7h30 and lines out 18h00 on Sunday 12 April 2020.
  12. Cancelled due to COVID -19 Lines in for Leg 2 is at 7h30 on the 3 May fished only to sunset in each of 4 announced time zones around the world. Lines in at 7h30 and out 18h00 on Sunday 30 May 2021.
  13. Winners and 2 additional crew agree to submit to a lie detector test to be monitored by a registered practicing lawyer, whom shall be prescribed by the organizer, being the Gamefish World Cup LLC, in any country. Failure of the lie detector test will result in disqualification with the prize going to the next largest fish by weight passing the required lie detector test. 
  14. All Fish are to be called in to the organisers to via Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Facetime or WhatsApp and Satelite phone as soon as it is boated, so that the fleet can be advised of the largest fish each hour during the 48 hours fishing in each leg. Fish not reported via social media or satellite phone will not count. No billfish smaller than the announced heaviest billfish each hour, may be boated.
  15. In addition, a time and date stamped video of the live fish being boated is to be submitted to the organisers within 2 hours of boating the fish along with the weight of the fish
  16. Fish to be weighed on a Government or IGFA certified scale, which certification needs to be submitted along with the weight of the fish and affidavits of two verifying witnesses, whom shall be different to the crew on the winning vessel. A picture of the fish and the witnesses needs to be submitted along with a measurement device which will be stipulated by the organisers 1 hour prior to the weigh in to be laid out alongside the fish